International Education Week 2016 @ EPAL Axioupolis

Our school implements the activity "Meet the world - virtual poster presentations", as part of International Education Week 2016, organized by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the US State Department, in cooperation with schools from Portugal, Serbia, Nigeria, Niger and India. The action involves sessions for presenting digital posters via the web. Students from each participating school create a poster about their country's culture, which may be accompanied by an explanatory narrative. Then schools conduct teleconferences for presentation of posters and meeting the cultures of countries around the world.

Responsible is Computer Science teacher Konstantinos Delistavrou with the assistance by the Informatics sector of our school (Georgitsaros Konstantinos, Efthimiadou Alexandra, Kitsikidis Antonios, Kovatsis Christos, Traianos Athanasios, Cakani Jurgen, Tsiligaridis Christos).

Project's address at the International Education Week's 2016 site is:

The project is also implemented as a short-term eTwinning program.

Participating countries for year 2016

Inside the virtual 3D viewport: Click to zoom in, Right click to zoom out, click and drag to browse, click a poster to go to the webpage that presents it.

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